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Vinyl Siding – a Great Option for Your  St. Charles Home

Vinyl siding is a popular choice among homeowners in St. Charles, IL because it looks like new for many years with very little maintenance. With all the weather we get here in the Midwest, vinyl siding holds up well, is easy to clean and, for busy households, there’s no annual maintenance required.

If your home receives a lot of sun exposure, you’re not likely to need to do much cleaning at all. If you have one side of your house that has a lot of shade, or if your home is located on a wooded lot, then you are likely to find mildew growing on your siding that you’ll want to clean off. Fortunately, with vinyl siding even mildew removal is a relatively easy task. Naturally, it’s always going to be easier to address the mildew when you first notice it rather than waiting for it to get worse.

One of the most obvious perks to having vinyl siding on your home is how easy it is to clean. However, if you do notice your vinyl siding is dirty or has mildew – there’s an easy way to remove it.

Who better to learn from than Bob Villa?! He’s a great resource himself, but in this case, he refers to the Vinyl Siding Institute where they recommend using a soft brush along with a mild cleanser which you can read more about here. They have great tips and even some great DIY cleaning solutions you can mix yourself.

One caution when cleaning vinyl siding – you will want to research the type of vinyl siding you have and be sure you thoroughly read the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to power washing. Some vinyl siding manufacturers advise against using a  power washer at all, while others will just caution you to be precise with your settings, the angle and how close you stand to your home while operating it. The primary concern is getting water up under the vinyl siding which could cause damage to your home.

The safest option when cleaning your vinyl siding is, of course, a cleaning solution, a soft brush, and some elbow grease. A little effort once in a while will keep your home looking fresh and new for years to come.

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