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How do I know if I need a new roof?

There are many different factors to consider:

  • Age – Typical shingle roofs in the Chicago-land area can last from 15 – 30 years depending on the shingle used.
  • Loss of granules – Check gutters and downspouts for an accumulation of granules from shingles.
  • Curling – Shingles are curling at the corners.
  • Roof is leaking – Might only require a repair if the roof is newer, it should be evaluated.
  • Manufacturer’s defect – A defect in the shingles may cause the roof to go bad prematurely.
  • Poor venting – This will cause condensation and mold in the attic. Plywood could de-laminate if left unchecked.
Do you really provide free, no-obligation estimates?

Yes – We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a FREE estimate for the work needed. Our owner will personally come out and evaluate your situation and provide an honest assessment including what we would recommend. We DO NOT employ any high pressure salesmen or condone the use of these tactics!

Can you just cover-over my existing shingles instead of tearing them off?

Some cities will allow this, however, we do not recommend it.

How long will it take for you to complete work on my roof?

Most residential roofs take one or two days to complete. If your roof is very large or requires substantial repairs, it could take a bit longer. Weather conditions can also delay the job.

Is Ice and Water Shield required?

Ice and Water shield is a protective underlayment that is put on over the wood deck prior to any shingles. It is used as an extra layer of protection in areas that are most prone to leaking and ice backup problems. We always install Ice and Water shield along the eaves, around chimneys, skylights and in all valleys. Building Codes require Ice and Water shield to be installed 2 ft. above the interior wall.

Do you clean-up around our home once you've finished?

We’ll clean all debris from the roof, gutters, and around the house. We use magnets to pick up nails, and we also use tarps to protect bushes and landscaping around the home while the work is being done.

Do you carry workers' compensation and liability insurance?

Yes – We are an Illinois licensed roofing contractor (#104.015932)

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