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Steep Slope Roof Repair

Your roof doesn’t have to look like it belongs on a cathedral in order to be considered steeply sloped. In fact, many relatively normal looking roofs are considered high pitch, while low-pitched roofs or “flat roofs” may in fact have some slope. Sloped roofs are attractive albeit more difficult to construct. Steep slope roof repair is also an understandable challenge, but if you hire an experienced St. Charles, IL roofing contractor, the job will be done correctly. 

What is Considered Steep? 

The steepness of your roof is typically measured as a ratio of rise over run. Pitch may also be measured in degrees. Most roofs fall between a ratio of 4:12 and 9:12, which means 4 inches of rise every 12 inches and 9 inches of rise over 12 inches, respectively. Anything at or above this is generally considered steep. 

Why Does Roof Slope Matter?

You might be thinking that a steep roof is an issue of safety, and that’s correct. But there are other limitations and factors to consider when engaging in steep slope roof repair for your St. Charles, IL structure. 

  • Materials: Steep sloped roofs are very visible, which means they must be repaired with matching materials. Additionally, initial roofing should be installed with attractive materials. For example, tar and gravel may work well on a flat roof but would be unsightly and impossible to install on a steep roof. 
  • Wind Shear: The wind will impact a steep slope roof more than a flat roof because the wind has more of a force against the shingles. This means steep slope roof repair must be performed correctly to avoid further damage during the next windy encounter. 
  • Cost: Because of the equipment, danger, and difficulty level of steep slope roof repair, it is typically more expensive than low-slope roof repair. 
  • Safety: There may be more equipment involved in a steep-slope roof repair in an effort to keep roofing contractors safe. This is where experience is a must, as contractors who have experience will be able to get the job done safely and without harming the exterior of your home. 

Steep Slope Roof Repair Must Be Done Correctly

The biggest part of steep slope roof repair on your St. Charles, IL home is that it must be done correctly. That may seem obvious, but it is much more imperative on steep slopes than low. Each shingle or place of repair must blend in with the rest of the roof, and it must be structurally sound. Otherwise, you’ll be having it repaired again after the next storm. If you have a steep slope roof, make sure you hire a roofing contracting company that has experience in steep slope roof repair, or you might have to have it done repeatedly or suffer further structural damage from a compromised roof.

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