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Siding Installation for Your Home

You’ve decided that vinyl siding is the best option for your home, but now you need to hire the right team for the project. Selecting the right company for your siding installation for your St. Charles, IL home is just as important as selecting the right product. Some of the mistakes that are made with vinyl siding installation effect the aesthetics, some cause unnecessary repairs to be needed in the future, and some do both.

Things to Know about Vinyl Siding Installation for Your St. Charles, IL Home

Prep Work

It is important to not only use underlayment with your vinyl siding, but to have it installed properly. While you might want to save expenses, this is the layer that protects your home from any water or wind that might get underneath your home’s siding. Having this adds an extra layer of protection to your home and may help you avoid damage and repairs down the line.

Proper installation of metal flashing is also key to preventing water damage, since this is what keeps water running down the outside of the siding rather than behind it. Knowing  what type of product to use and where to install it is an advantage of hiring a team experienced in vinyl siding installation.

Nails are Not Installed Properly

You might think that driving nails tightly into the siding is the correct way to attach so the siding doesn’t come loose. While that sound logical, the problem is that, when the weather becomes hot, the siding will expand. If you don’t leave room for the expansion, the siding will become wavy.

Just as driving nails too tightly can cause problems in the future, so can leaving too much space between them. When there is too much space between fasteners, siding can sag, and wind can get underneath and lift the siding. Experienced installers will know exactly how far to space the nails and how much to drive the nails in.


Proper installation of vinyl siding means that seems between panels will not be visible. One way to ensure this is to select longer panels, so there are less transitions between panels. The added benefit of this is that there are less places for water to seep in.

The right team also knows that, while there needs to be some overlap between panels, too much can cause the panels to buckle, leaving the siding looking wavy. Hiring a team experienced with vinyl siding installation will result in a beautiful, professional look.

Landmark Roofing is experienced in vinyl siding installation in St. Charles, IL and the surrounding areas. We can help you select the product that is right for you, and you can be assured that our expert team will provide quality installation. Call us for a quote at 847-587-0872.

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