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Residential Composite Roof Installation

Homeowners have options when they have a residential roof installed, and composite roofing is a step up from the basic, asphalt shingle. Not only are composite roofs more durable, but they are also attractive, versatile, and economical. They are a good option for the person who wants a quality roof installation on their St. Charles, IL home without the high price tag of other luxury options.

What are Composite Roofs?  

Composite roof shingles are made from multiple materials, typically materials that are durable and fire-resistant. While this may include asphalt, it more often refers to shingles made from fiberglass, engineered plastics, and other recyclable materials. These manmade materials are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are often the top choice in the residential construction industry. 

Residential Composite Roofs are Attractive

Although durability is a large factor in roofing material choice for every St. Charles, IL homeowner, appearance often comes first on the list of priorities. Composite roofs are very versatile in this regard. They come in practically any color desired, and they can be made to mimic other materials such as slate or wood roofing. Because the shingles are largely synthetic, they are designed to match the appearance of alternative roofing materials while maintaining the advantages of the composite material. 

Durability and Composite Roof Installation

After appearance, people investing in a new roof want to know how long a roof will last, and composite roofing does not disappoint. The lifespan of some composite roofs lands somewhere around 50 years, and they definitely exceed the life of basic asphalt shingles. 

This durability is created because of the composite roof’s UV resistant properties as well as its ability to hold up to strong winds and impacts. The synthetic materials are fire-, mold-, and algae- resistant. The materials are an answer to the disadvantages of other roofing options. 

The Cost of Composite Roof Installation

The composite roof installation costs are what keeps asphalt roofing alive but makes composite a popular option for those looking for an upgrade. It is more expensive than asphalt roofing, which is the cheapest option. However, you get what you pay for. If you want a roof that is going to look great and last a long time, composite roofing is worth the extra expense. It is still an affordable option, and it will keep you and your home safe from the elements for many decades.

If you are considering a basic or luxury roof installation for your St. Charles, IL home, you might benefit from the material that lies in between these two extremes. Composite roof installation is the best of both worlds. It includes quality, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. 

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