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Professional Skylight Installation

Are you considering installing a skylight on your own instead of calling a professional? While the willingness to try out a DIY project is admirable, this is a big mistake. You should opt for professional skylight installation for your St. Charles, IL home. 

What’s Wrong with DIY Skylight Installation? 

You can watch 20 online DIY how-to videos, read the installation instructions, and consult with your friends who seem to have craftsman like proclivities. Unless you also work as a roofing specialist, you aren’t likely to get good results. 

The obvious problem would be that your skylight leaks, but there’s more to skylight installation than making it leak-proof. You are cutting into your residential roofing system, and this system is integral to the entire house. 

The biggest problem with DIY skylight installation is the costliness of mistakes. Repairing rafters or water damage is almost always more expensive than hiring a professional at the start of your skylight installation. You actually save money by deferring the DIY. 

Why Professional Skylight Installation?

Aside from the reasons NOT to DIY your skylight installation, there are also many reasons to hire a professional for your skylight installation in St. Charles, IL. They include: 

  • Energy Efficiency: A professional will know the best location and materials to use to maintain or increase energy efficiency. 
  • Roof Integrity: Cutting through the roof can be serious business. You don’t want to compromise roof integrity. 
  • Industry Knowledge: Maybe you want solar powered skylights with motorized shades. Your skylight professional will know what’s available, so you can have the latest technology. 
  • No Leaks: There are many reasons for leaks, but you aren’t likely to have a leak caused by an error in installation when you hire a professional. 
  • Finished Look: Especially on flat ceilings, there is a lot of finish work involved in completing a skylight installation because the light must shine down a shaft that needs sheetrock, paint, etc. 
  • Financial Protection: Finally, a licensed roofing contractor will carry liability insurance that financially protects everyone in the event of damage to a person or property. This is never a good situation, but it is nice to know you’re protected if an accident happens. 

Professional Skylight Installation is the Only Way to Go

When you decide to have a skylight installed, it should be a good experience. DIY projects can be fun and rewarding, but the risk of expensive damage is too great when it comes to skylights.

Instead, professional skylight installation for your St. Charles, IL home or business is the only way to go. You’ll enjoy your skylight and take comfort in the fact that it was installed correctly.

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