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Professional Roofing Companies and Commercial Flat Roofs

You might think that your roofing needs are simple because you have a flat roof, but flat roofs are actually challenging. This is especially true for commercial flat roofs that cover vast expanses. If you are looking for a professional roofing company for your flat roof installation in St. Charles, IL, there are a few things you should know. 

#1 Your roof is not flat. 

One of the primary purposes of a roof is to repel water from the structure. This cannot happen if water pools on flat surfaces. That is why even the flattest of roofs still maintain some slope in order to have water run to gutters and away from the structure. 

Yes, even a roof that seems flat when you walk on it has some slope. This is also true of most properly-made “flat” concrete slabs. They have some slope in order to wick away the water. 

At a minimum, most flat roofs will have ¼ inch per foot of slope in order to prevent seepage and water damage. 

#2 Flatter is Not Always Easier. 

Many roofing customers will assume that a flat roof is easier because of the flat work surface. In actuality, flatter is not always easier. The membranes necessary and attention to detail (i.e. at membrane joints) is crucial to the success of the roof. A flat roof is not a structural aspect that is negative, but it does require different considerations than a medium- or high-slope roof. 

#3 Flat Roofs are Safer for Commercial Roofers.

It cannot be denied that flat roofs are inherently safer for the roofer because there is much less fall risk. There might be less fall protection equipment required, and roofers may be a little more comfortable or relaxed during installation because they don’t have to split their concerns over their own safety with concerns over their work. 

#4 Cutting Corners on Flat Roofs Can Be Catastrophic. 

The biggest concern with commercial flat roof installation for your St. Charles, IL building is the professional nature of the company. Every roofing job should be handled with utmost care and concern for the quality of the work delivered. However, a company that sees a flat roof as an easy job might cut corners. This could lead to massive pooling or leaks around the joints of the membrane. It could lead to the lack of membranes or other essential steps that make for a water resistant structure. Hire a professional company that takes pride in their work, and you’ll get a quality commercial flat roof installation that will withstand the elements. Call us today at 847.587.0872 to start the conversation about your commercial flat roof installation.

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