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Low Slope Roof Replacement

Commercial buildings commonly have low slope roofs, but this type of roof is also fairly common to see on residential buildings on carports, sunrooms, garages, and porches. When it comes to low slope roofing in St. Charles, IL, you want to make sure it has proper draining and durability to last through the changing seasons. That’s why you need to hire a professional roofing company.

What is a Low Slope Roof? 

A low slope roof is typically considered to be one that has a 3”-12” pitch or less. That is, it doesn’t rise more than 3 inches per foot of length. The flattest roofs should still have some pitch, at least ¼” -12” for draining purposes, as no roof should be completely flat. Still, these very low sloped roofs are sometimes referred to as flat roofs. 

Do-it-yourself is a poor choice for Low Slope Roof Replacements

Many homeowners opt to DIY their roofing projects, and in some cases, that is perfectly acceptable. Understandably, the preference is to DIY the low slope roof for safety reasons, but most low slope roof replacements should only be handled by a roofing specialist. 

Low slope roofs are a challenge because the drainage issues are more complex, and the materials are different. Typically, the low slope roof in St. Charles, IL will be constructed from membranes, metal panels, or spray-on roofing materials. On residential homes, they may match the shingles, which makes installation even more critical. 

Hiring a Professional for Your Low Slope Roofing

If you’re in need of low slope roof replacement for your St. Charles, IL home or business, it is important that you hire skilled professionals who understand and have experience in low slope roofing. 

The roofing specialist will understand the intricacies involved in ensuring proper membrane seals, drainage, and durability. They may also be able to offer options that increase energy efficiency or offer better impact resistance. 

A Low Slope Roof is a Different Ball Game

Physics plays a huge role in roofing materials, and when you decrease the pitch of a roof, physics changes its vulnerabilities. Although wind is still a factor, standing water and the impact of hail become a larger risk on a low slope roof. Only a roofing specialist will understand the different low slope roof necessities to make sure everything underneath stays dry, and the integrity of the roof endures. 

If you have a low slope roof in need of replacement, don’t try to repair or replace it on your own. Make sure you have the help of professionals, so your roof will last through the years no matter what type of weather it encounters.  

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