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Low slope roofs are popular on commercial buildings and modern homes for their appearance and because they’re easy to install and repair.

Improperly installed low slope roofs will leak and eventually become a hazard. This usually happens because of inexperienced or negligent contractors. 

If you are looking to have low slope roof installation in St. Charles, IL, make sure you hire a contractor with experience. With proper installation, a low slope roof can survive for decades. 

What Makes Low Slope Roofs Different?

Low slope roofs are very different from standard or high slope roofs, but those differences are not only about appearance. Many prefer their sleek appearance, but these roofs come with special needs in order to be successful. 

Every roof is meant to withstand the elements, which means local weather matters. Heavy snowfall, for example, will accumulate on a “flat” roof. At a certain point, the roof won’t be able to hold the weight of ice and snow. Roofers and property owners must consider this when choosing a low slope roof in St. Charles, IL…and plan accordingly. 

One advantage of low slope roofs is that they are easy to repair. That is because they provide their own work surface. This can also help if your roof is in a region with heavy snowfall, because it can be removed more safely and easily. 

Why Experience Matters in Low Slope Roof Installatio

Low slope roofs are easy to install because of their flat work surface, which makes installation safer. However, these roofs have unique needs in order to successfully keep the structure dry. These needs include: 

  • Proper materials: Regular roofing shingles are not typically recommended.
  • Clean roof deck: Dirt may prevent membranes or other barriers from adhering.
  • Proper flashing: If the flashing is not installed correctly, it may cause pooling, leaking, and roof failure. This can be especially catastrophic if T joints aren’t properly sealed. 
  • Drainage: Low slope roofs are not flat, but they are close. This means naturally prone to pooling if drainage is not adequate.

These are not the only needs or knowledge requirements required to get proper low slope roof installation in St. Charles, IL. They are only some of the primary considerations.

Novice roof installation contractors may install regular roofing shingles on a low slope roof. They may not take special care to clean the roofing deck or know how to properly seal T joints. All of these problems will likely result in leaks and costly structural damage. 

If you hire an experienced low slope roof installation contractor, you’ll get your roof installed correctly the first time. You won’t have to fear the harmful effects of honest mistakes that can be made if a contractor doesn’t yet know the ins and outs of successful roofing.

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