Best Materials For Your Residential Roof

Best Materials For Your Residential Roof

At Landmark Roofing, we understand the importance of choosing the right roofing materials to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. As a leading residential roofing contractor in West Chicago, IL, we specialize in installing energy-efficient roofing options that reduce your energy bills and contribute to a sustainable environment. Let’s explore how our expert installation services can help you achieve a greener, more cost-effective home.

Synthetic Roofing Materials: This type of roofing is made from recycled materials and designed to mimic the appearance of natural materials. It is called synthetic slate or shakes. These materials offer insulation properties that are lighter and more durable than most materials.

Cool Roofs: Cool roofs are exactly how they sound. They are made to reflect sunlight, allowing it to absorb less sunlight. Typically, white or lighter-colored coatings, reflexive shingles, or tiles, are what compose this roof. Since the amount of heat transferred into your home, keeps it cooler and lowers energy costs. 

Clay and Concrete Tiles: These naturally reflective tiles help keep your home cool by reducing heat absorption. If properly installed by a professional residential roofing contractor in your West Chicago, IL home, they will have a long life span that limits the need for frequent replacements. 

Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) Roofing: TPO roofing is a single-ply membrane that is highly reflective and energy-efficient. It is commonly used in commercial applications but is also suitable for residential flat roofs. TPO roofs are durable and resistant to UV radiation, chemical exposure, and algae growth.

Rubber Roofing (EPDM): Rubber roofing is known for its excellent weather resistance and insulating properties. For homes that have flat roofs, this type of roofing helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures and eliminates the need for constant fiddling with the thermostat, which adds up at the end of the month.

Insulated Roofing Panels: This type of roofing uses foam insulation sandwiched between two layers of metal. It is more for keeping heat in rather than keeping it out. Since the insulation packs the heat into the roof and doesn’t allow for much transfer, it is perfect to keep temperatures a little higher. 

Reflective Roof Membranes: Reflective roof membranes are also typically used on flat or low-slope roofs. They are made from materials like PVC or TPO and designed to reflect solar energy, reducing heat absorption and cooling costs.

Overall, energy-efficient roofing options are a smart investment that enhances your home’s comfort, reduces energy costs, and contributes to environmental sustainability. With numerous materials and technologies available, there is an ideal solution for every home. As a leading residential roofing contractor in West Chicago, IL, Landmark Roofing offers expert guidance and top-notch installation services to ensure your roof not only looks great but performs efficiently.
Don’t wait to upgrade your roof and enjoy energy efficiency benefits. Contact Landmark Roofing today at 847-587-0872 to discuss your roofing needs and discover the best energy-efficient options for your home. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and service, making your home improvement project seamless and successful.

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