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Benefits of Vinyl Siding Installation Over Fiber Cement

There are more types of siding to choose from than ever before: vinyl, aluminum, cement, stucco and wood. Each has its own unique features, a specific aesthetic effect, and come with advantages and disadvantages. It can be hard to sort through all of the information, so here we will take a close look at the benefits of vinyl siding over fiber cement siding.

Like vinyl siding, cement siding has some advantages, such as durability, energy efficiency and ability to stand up to the elements. This might make it attractive to homeowners, but there are advantages of having vinyl siding installed over fiber cement siding.


Vinyl siding is much less expensive than fiber cement siding. This is true of both materials and installation costs. It is important to consider how long you intend to live in your current home, and whether you might want to change the look of your home’s exterior in the future when making the decision on the type of siding to have installed.


While it’s true that fiber cement siding lasts longer than its vinyl counterpart, vinyl siding requires little to no maintenance. Cement siding, on the other hand, will need to be caulked and painted regularly while it’s on your home. This makes fiber cement an even more expensive option, and these costs should be calculated when doing a comparison of vinyl versus cement siding.


Having vinyl siding installed instead of cement siding means that your home’s exterior won’t be prone to chips and cracks, which can occur with the more rigid fiber cement counterpart. If you have vinyl siding installed on your St. Charles, IL home, you can expect it to last 20 to 60 years.


Another thing to consider when looking at siding options is the impact on the environment. Fiber cement siding is not recyclable, while vinyl siding is the most sustainable option as it is recyclable and creates less waste than its counterparts.

Carefully considering the pros and cons of having vinyl siding installed versus other options such as fiber cement siding is important because the right product can save you money and time during the life of the product. It is equally as important to choose a company that is experienced in vinyl siding installation in order to best protect your home and get the longest life from the product. Landmark Roofing expertly installs vinyl siding on both homes and commercial properties. To learn more and get a quote for your property, call us at (847) 587-0872.

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