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Benefits of Adding Skylights to Your Home

The perfect time to have skylight installation for your home in St. Charles, IL is when you are having it reroofed. Unfortunately, many people neglect to embrace this opportunity in their roofing plans. It is important to consider the benefits of adding skylights to your home prior to any new roofing installations. 

Four benefits of adding skylights to your home are: 

  1. Increase the value of your home
  2. Natural light
  3. Air flow
  4. Health benefits

Increase the Value of Your Home

The jury is out on how much a skylight will increase the cash value of your home vs. the cost of the installation. Like most home improvements, the ROI may not exceed the cost on a strict monetary scale.

However, skylights increase the value of your home in other ways. They are aesthetically, emotionally, and functionally appealing to prospective buyers. This makes your home more desirable, which can bring higher and more-competitive offers. 

Natural Light

Many people who have skylight installation for their St. Charles, IL home are looking for alternative methods to bring light into the home. Natural light might be hard to come by in heavily wooded areas or in pocket neighborhoods with many houses close to one another. 

Skylights allow unimpeded light from the sun to enter your house during the day, and some of that light continues until well beyond sunset. It opens up small areas that don’t have many windows or where natural light is otherwise occluded. 

Air Flow

There are many types of skylight installation, and vented skylights allow for the improvement of air flow throughout the home. This is especially helpful to avoid moisture and mold. However, most people like the simple freshness that vented skylights provide. 

Improving the air flow in your home can be an added luxury on cool summer nights or hot winter nights when the heat might be working a little too well. During temperate seasons, it is simply nice to let a little of the fresh, outside air into the home. 

Health Benefits

Skylight installation for your St. Charles, IL home can have surprising health benefits in the light that they provide.  While the ultraviolet protection on today’s skylights may reduce or remove the vitamin D benefit, natural light does have a positive impact on the human brain. 

The natural light from skylights is said to boost moods and improve cognitive performance. More importantly, it keeps your natural circadian rhythm in shape. This is the day-night or sleep-wake cycle your brain depends on to keep things regular. While using your smartphone in bed at night may disrupt your sleep, your skylight will remind your body when it’s time to wake up. This is a health benefit that can enhance many body systems. 

The Benefit of Adding Skylights to Your Home Are Real

There are many types of skylights that can be added to your home, so there aren’t many homes that cannot make use of at least one type of skylight addition. It only takes a quick look at the benefits to understand that skylights should be considered whenever anyone reroofs their home. 

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