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2 Reasons Vinyl Siding is Best for Your St. Charles, IL Home

Vinyl Siding was first introduced in the 1950s, making it a relatively new building material in the grand scheme of construction history. It was meant to be a substitute for aluminum siding, however, due to the product’s initial performance, it wasn’t a popular option right away. With the advancements made in the product’s quality, durability and performance, it slowly took over the market. According to the website ThisOldHouse.com, “vinyl has captured 32 percent of the U.S. siding market for new homes, with no end in sight to its growing popularity. Why has this choice in home exterior become the norm?


Choosing to install vinyl siding on your St. Charles, IL home is a smart choice because the product offers amazing value. First, it is one of the least expensive options for the exterior of your home. Not only is the product more affordable, but the installation costs are cheaper because it is relatively easy to install.

Second, vinyl siding is extremely low maintenance. While other products such as wood or aluminum siding need regular maintenance and painting, vinyl siding can simply be hosed off when it’s dirty. The time and money that you save throughout the life of your home is another reason vinyl siding installation on your St. Charles, IL is a good solution.

Finally, since vinyl siding is both low-maintenance and long-lasting, you can ensure that you’ll always have great curb appeal for your home. That removes the stress from you, as a homeowner, and can add to the resale value when you sell your home.


Vinyl siding works well in any climate because is extremely durable, and the Midwest is no exception. It is fade and scratch resistant, and its interlocking technology keeps your home protected from the elements, such as the hot sun of summer, snow, rain, and winds.

Vinyl siding also comes in a wide range of styles, finishes, and colors, so you can get a custom look without the high price. For example, you can select the width of the siding, as well as the texture and profile. The texture of the siding may resemble wood or stucco, or be smooth for a more modern finish.

The way that siding is installed offers additional versatility. You can choose from shake, clapboard, lap, and board and batten, for example, reflecting your unique and personal style, while remaining maintenance-free.

Vinyl siding provides value and versatility that is hard to match with other products. Landmark Roofing ensures quality installation so that you can love your finished product for years to come. If you are considering vinyl siding installation for your St. Charles, IL home, call us for a free estimate at (847) 587-0872.

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